Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do understand it’s too much. This isn’t fixed of course. But I look at it as an investment. The same way you’d look at stocks or ETFs. I currently have full-time freelancing work. That is my priority as it’s the bulk of my current income.

But i don’t want to keep doing that — trading my time for money. That’s why I’m spending time on my other side hustles to grow them. One of them is Medium, and I have two other affiliate sites. It takes time to get these streams to grow. So i’m in it for the long-run. Or at least for the next 3 years. Every week i update my dashboard (which i need to automate later on) on the most important metrics for each of these projects so I know my progress and make adjustments as needed.

Medium is “easy” to earn, but not enough to make it full-time. My affiliate sites are getting traffic and signups but no purchases yet as i just started recently. So all in good time. One day, I want to look back and say to myself that it was all worth it. It’ll be the “overnight success” I’d like to share one day 🤩

And if nothing else, all these things I’m doing is helping me grow personally — improving my productivity, sticking to my calendar and schedules, writing, and a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading!

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