Preparing for 2021 (Stop Making Excuses)

What to Do, What Not to Do, and Why

Ariel Lim


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2020 was a blur.

Plans have gone out of the window and forced a lot of people out of their comfort zones.

As I mentioned in my email list, I’m in the 2021 planning mode. The plans I made last year helped me navigate 2020.

Looking back, I probably stuck to my plan only around 20%. The rest just went down the drain.

And that’s okay.

If I didn’t write down what I set to accomplish, I know I would have just sulked and stay complacent when the pandemic hit.

But since I know I have some targets to reach, I scrapped the “how” in my plans with new ones to adapt to the current situation.

And that’s the importance of planning. It helps you keep on track no matter what happens. But more importantly, remember that it’s also okay to abandon your plans to adapt to what’s happening right now.

With that, here are a few things I’m doing and why.

Website Refresh (and Speed Improvements)

One of the first things I did was migrated my website to a new theme and cleaned it up a bit.

So if you’ve been here before and you’re seeing a couple of changes, I’d love to know what you think.

I’m not a fan of website redesigns (or rebranding as what other gurus use) just for the sake of it. There have to be some tangible goals to prove the ROI of the redesign.

The easiest way to do this is A/B test your homepage or several key pages to see whether metrics actually improve. You can start with simple ones like improving bounce rates or a more meaningful one which is to increase conversions.

In my case, that’s faster site speed. Why? Because of the core web vitals. Google announced that next year, page speed will be more important than ever. So use this time to prepare your website and improve the overall user experience. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance ranking.

Here’s a before and after results via GTmetrix on one of my most visited page:



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