Looking Back at 2020: A Retrospective

How I Fared Against My Goals

Ariel Lim


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

12 months ago, things were a lot different.

Around this time last year, I was planning my trip to Paris with my wife. Now, we’re both in our rooms in front of our computers working.

Pandemic aside, I can say I had a good 2020 vs what I set out to do. I also accomplished most of what I set out to do.

Quick Recap: Plans vs Actuals

Last year, I wrote about four separate projects:

  1. Website redesign to make my site load faster and have a better user experience
  2. Focus on specific content topics
  3. Write more content
  4. Launch new services

Among these, I’d say I did well in #1–3 while so-so in #4.

For the website, I’d give myself a 90% score. I actually just redesigned it again and got better speeds.

In terms of UX, I wouldn’t know until after a few weeks. That’ll be based on my bounce rate and pages per session metrics in Google Analytics.

For the content, I’d give myself a 100%. I implemented two writing sprints which allowed me to publish more than 60 articles this year alone. That’s more than what most people churn out. (The image below was taken the first week of November).

My website post statistics

I actually mentioned the initial results of that here. Articles and words are activities. They are not results by themselves. If you’re doing this as a hobby, that’s an okay metric to track. But if you think of writing as a business, you’ve got to look at how much value it brings you.

Lastly, for the new services, I give myself a 50% here. I was actually able to “launch” the service but it’s incomplete.



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