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Buffer and IFTTT Integration: How to Post to Multiple Accounts

A Workaround on the Single Account Limitation in IFTTT

[Update April 23, 2019]: this solution no longer works, because Buffer recently discontinued the ‘email to buffer’ feature (along with other features like shuffling of posts). Still figuring out what to do to automate this without coding/using the API.

Problem 1: IFTTT Only Allows You to Post to a Single Account

As simple as it sounds, this setup is actually not that straightforward. If you tried this yourself, you’d realize that IFTTT only allows you to post to a single account in your Buffer profile.

The Solution: Email to Buffer

So, after spending time researching, you probably found your answer: Email to Buffer. While not originally designed for IFTTT, you can actually use this method to post to one or all your accounts.

Problem 2: Email to Buffer Posts to All Your Accounts

  1. Body → contains the link and image you want to be included

Solution: Advanced Commands

In your email settings in IFTTT, you can actually choose certain profiles or accounts to send to. Here’s an example where I only chose to post on my Twitter and Facebook accounts:

Problem 3: Multiple Accounts in One Social Media

If you’re like me (I’m have Pro account, btw), I have multiple accounts under the same social network. For example, I have 2 Facebook Pages, 1 Twitter account, 2 Instagram profiles, my personal Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. (Feel free to follow me and say hi! 👋)

Potential Solution: Use @p to Identify Specific Profiles Instead

There’s the profile method: @p profile_name. This might work, but it depends on your setup again. For example, here’s how it might look:

Potential Solution: Combine @p and @s Depending on What You Need

In theory, yes.

@s Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
@p Facebook_PageName

The Real Solution: Use Unique Profile IDs for Your Social Media Accounts

After a lot of experimentation and help from the Buffer support team, this method allows you to post to selected profiles without worrying about errors or which one of them will it be posted on.

My Setup

If you noticed, the color turned to green because this is for a different recipe and app — Feedly.

Step 1: Locate your unique profile IDs

You can find your unique profile ID inside Buffer by logging in then clicking on each social account, check the URL and get the alphanumeric text there.

Step 2: Use it with the @p method

Once you have each of those unique IDs, it’s time to create your recipes.

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