Hint: it’s not about apps or routines.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting some apps or hacks you can use in order to be more productive. But has it occurred to you that that may be the problem as to why you’re not productive?

I was in a cafe a few years ago reading a book…

Stop worrying about the “rules”

When people hear blogging these days, there’s generally a pre-conceived notion with it — marketing. Now, this can either be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Then depending on your exposure to marketing, blogging can also be associated with content creators, SEO, influencers, and the like.

How to Register Your Freelancing Business with the BIR

The gig economy is a growing alternative a lot of Filipinos are taking advantage of right now. And with the pandemic forcing a lot of people out of their jobs, most people turn to freelancing as their main source of income.

But because freelancing isn’t widely accepted (yet), there exist…

How I Fared Against My Goals

12 months ago, things were a lot different.

Around this time last year, I was planning my trip to Paris with my wife. Now, we’re both in our rooms in front of our computers working.

Pandemic aside, I can say I had a good 2020 vs what I set out…

The latest and most up-to-date guide

A corporation is the go-to business type when entrepreneurs want to register a business in the Philippines because it offers the highest level of protection for its investors or owners.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about registering a stock corporation with the SEC from name…

What to Do, What Not to Do, and Why

2020 was a blur.

Plans have gone out of the window and forced a lot of people out of their comfort zones.

As I mentioned in my email list, I’m in the 2021 planning mode. The plans I made last year helped me navigate 2020.

Looking back, I probably stuck…

The exact steps you can follow after writing your story

How I made $3,847 last month in Medium

Ever read any of those kinds of posts? I’m sure you do.

Who doesn’t want to earn thousands of dollars by writing a few articles a month, right?

Medium is full of stories like this, but the reality is only a handful…

Here’s how you can make it great again

Digital marketing is a relatively fast-paced industry. It’s continuously changing. Strategies and tactics that have worked 3–5 years ago will most likely not work today. But there’s one thing you can do today to guarantee it will still work tomorrow — focus on your customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not what most…

And why you’re getting disqualified long before clients see your optimized profile and portfolio

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Quora and some online groups this past couple of months. One of the trends I noticed is the complaints about how freelancers who use Upwork aren’t getting new projects, including the “veterans” in the platform.

After reading the comments and replies, there…

A name reservation doesn’t give you a legal business yet

The most common misconception among Filipinos is they think that a business name registration means they already have a legitimate business. But this name reservation is only the first step.

So, let me be clear: the SEC or DTI certificate you receive doesn’t give you the license to operate as…

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