Hint: it’s not about apps or routines.

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Stop worrying about the “rules”

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How to Register Your Freelancing Business with the BIR

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How I Fared Against My Goals

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Quick Recap: Plans vs Actuals

Last year, I wrote about four separate projects:

  1. Focus on specific content topics
  2. Write more content
  3. Launch new services

The latest and most up-to-date guide

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SEC Registration in the Philippines

When people think of SEC registration, they usually mean registering a domestic stock corporation. Or more specifically, a Filipino-owned corporation with stock ownership.

What to Do, What Not to Do, and Why

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The exact steps you can follow after writing your story

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Stop Wasting Energy on Things You Can’t Control

Here’s how you can make it great again

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Marketers Don’t Know Any Better

And why you’re getting disqualified long before clients see your optimized profile and portfolio

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  1. Apply to more jobs—it’s a numbers game. Buy connects, apply to jobs, you’ll eventually get a job offer.

A name reservation doesn’t give you a legal business yet

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