4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaigns Suck

Here’s how you can make it great again

Ariel Lim


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Digital marketing is a relatively fast-paced industry. It’s continuously changing. Strategies and tactics that have worked 3–5 years ago will most likely not work today. But there’s one thing you can do today to guarantee it will still work tomorrow — focus on your customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not what most marketers are doing.

They stick with their guns. They continue using their old-school strategies that worked ten years ago, but the rest of the industry has moved on since. Here are the top reasons why a lot of marketing campaigns aren’t effective and what you need to do instead.

Marketers Don’t Know Any Better

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Digital marketing is a relatively new field. It is growing and constantly changing. Most marketers learn from schools and by observing other organizations. But this presents two big problems.

First, the people teaching marketing in schools are used to the traditional ways of marketing. They were successful marketers back in the day, but those tactics aren’t as effective as they used to.

Back then, there’s no way to measure your marketing efforts and link them to your bottom line. Publish an ad in a newspaper then wait for sales to spike a few days after.

Second, the internet has changed the way people buy. The traditional way of marketing, which is to interrupt people, no longer works.

Organizations no longer control the buying process. By the time people talk to your organization, they are already 70% done with the buying process.

By constantly talking about your products and services, you are alienating a lot of potential buyers.

Here’s What You Do Instead



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